Mushkin Black Ascent 2x1GB DDR3-1800

Published by Jean-Luc Hadey on 16.09.08
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Test results / overclocking

 System standardSpeicher standardSpeicher max. stable oc
Memory clock1333 MHz1800 MHz2024 MHz
Mutiplyer x FSB / CPU clock10 x 333 / 3.33 GHz8 x 450 / 3.60 GHz9 x 506 / 4.55 GHz
Timings7-7-7-15 2T8-8-7-20 2T8-8-8-24 2T
VDIMM1.85 Volt1.85 Volt2.05 Volt
Everest read8595 MB/s10800 MB/s11567 MB/s
Everest write7011 MB/s9526 MB/s10695 MB/s
Everest copy7135 MB/s9628 MB/s10595 MB/s
Everest latencies61.4 ns49.7 ns47.5 ns
SuperPI 1M13.995s12.644s10.297s
SuperPI 8M3m 02.797s2m 37.359s2m 10.421s
SuperPI 32M14m 13.219s12m 59.828s10m 31.391s

Referring to overclocking we only publish "Prime and SuperPI-stable" values. Therefore we reached a maximum of 2024 MHz with 8-8-8-24 timings and a VDIMM of 2.05 Volt.

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Splmann overclocking result - Black Ascent

1021 MHz 1T - 2.1VDimm

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