In Win A1 Review

Published by Luca Rocchi on 27.07.18
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Dust filters

In total there are no less than four spots for 120 millimeter fans in this case. Only the two bottom slots are covered with a washable dust filter. The other two slots don't require any dust filter since the air will be pushed outside the case.

Tempered glass

One of the two panels of the In Win A1 is made entirely of solid tempered glass. The panel is secured to the main structure through two pins at the lower part and a release system on the top part. There are no hinges or any other release mechanism, the window can only be removed completely. The tempered glass panel allows a quick look inside the case and provides a rather unique design.

Qi Charge

On the top of the In Win A1 there is a Qi Charger which you can use for charge your smartphone or tablet (if compatible). The charging surface is rather large and the output is set to 5V and 1A. In other words the charging is rather slow but on the other hand it's pretty easy to do.


Inside the package there is a 600W 80Plus Bronze power supply. The unit uses blacks cables and comes with all essential connectors. The cable length is adequate and thanks to pass-throughs you can achieve a nice and clean looking setup.

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