ASUS ATI Radeon EAH5870 G 2DIS

Published by Marc Voser on 01.01.10
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With the EAH5870 ASUS presents a single-GPU graphics card with overwhelming performance. This is especially impressive if you consider that the card is based on ATI's the reference design.

The fact that ATI was able to double the bandwidth as well as all the other specifications of the RV870 GPU shows very clearly if we look at the benchmark results. Especially using high resolutions and maximum details levels the RV870 chip really shows its muscles. Therefore we see that the numbers decrease much less than they did with it's predecessor the RV790. The new design makes the Radeon HD 5870 easily the fastet single-GPU card available on the market. Furthermore the card is also able to handle DirectX11 and is therefore a safe investment for a gamer who doesn't want to change his graphics card ever half year.

The ASUS EAH5870 G 2DIS aims at hardware- and gaming-enthusiasts which do not want any compromises at all, which is nothing more than the logical conclusion from price and performance. Buying a 5870 would also mean that you consider that you have a powerful CPU in your system that card can really show all of its potential. Therefore as already mentioned for a gamer who doesn't want to buy a new graphics card every half year, the 5870 is definitely the right choice.

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The ASUS EAH5870 G 2DIS can be bought at Digitec to a price of CHF 499.- (est. EUR 333.-).

Author: Marc Voser, Copy edited by: Marc Büchel,

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