AK Informatica Rig Super9 Review

Published by Luca Rocchi on 20.02.15
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If you are looking for a powerful desktop system and you have plenty of space for a massive system, then the AK Rig Super9 from AK Informatica is a great choice. Thanks to the large CM Storm Trooper case, the components inside get good cooling and there is plenty of space also for a neat cable management. In addition to that AK Informatica chose the components used wisely and with this rig not just the specs but also the looks are great. Especially the memory from Avexir in combination with the white LEDs on the motherboard are just great.

In our tests, the big AK Rig Super9 proved to be fast and efficient. We tested the computer in in different scenarios, comparing the result gathered with our own platform, which is based on an Intel's Core i7-4770K CPU and the same graphics card. The 3D benchmark values, clearly show that AK Informatica is using one of the fastest graphics cards, which money can buy these dasys. Apart from that the Core i7-4790K CPU also offers very good performance in the case of 2D applications, which makes this an overall very quick system.

The temperatures measured running games and benchmarks are on a very good level, during our gaming sessions with fans at maximus speed we never detected any throttling regarding clock speeds. Despite the high amount of fans placed in the CM Storm Trooper, the noise produced by the system is very low and on a very reasonable level. We tested the system in many different scenarios and with different settings, and especially the fans AK Informatica uses are just great. The only thing we'd love to see improved is the pump on the Nepton 280L, which revvs at 6600 to 6800 rpm, which is simply too high.

As for storage, you get a Kingston HyperX Fury 240GB which provide quick access to the applications and OS, while for games and various other storage, you get a standard 1TB HDD. We have tested the SSD with Crystal Disk Mark and the results achieved reflect the speed communicated by the manufacturer. Nevertheless there are faster SSDs around than the SandForce SF-2281 based HyperX Fury and would appreciate something like a Samsung PM 850 Pro in this system.

Now, we come to the price: The AK Rig Super9 is available at AK Informatica for 2261 Euro. We configured a PC system using the same components at Geizhals.eu and the price difference between the two configurations is very low. The amount you pay extra to AK Informatica is more than justified, since you get a very nicely and neatly built PC with pre-installed operating system.


The AK Rig Super9 is an excellent high-end gaming PC, if you are looking for a big system with a powerful CPU and graphics card, it's definitely worth the 2261 Euro AK Informatica is asking for it.
The AK Rig Super9 receives very good 4.5 out of 5 stars.

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