Cyberpower infinity Hercules Pro Review

Published by Hiwa Pouri on 10.04.15
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Overclocking / BIOS

Cyberpower decided to factory overclock this system. This makes us curious to find out what settings they're actually using. Overclocked the CPU runs at 4.3 GHz and the Vcore is at only 1.23 Volt. Since this is a very low voltage, Cyberpower could potentially be pre-testing the CPUs used for their overclocked gaming PCs. What's also nicely done are the four different profiles Cyberpower is saving, which let you choose between default and different overclocking settings.
To dive a bit deeper into the detailed settings, we see that Cyperpower is setting the multiplyer to 43X instead of the standard 35X, which is equal to a 23% increase. The BCLK wasn't altered and remains at 100 MHz. This makes the CPU run at 4.3 GHz default. Apart from that Cyberpower didn't touch the uncore, and therefore all related settings are on "auto". This helps increasing overall system stability.
A quick look at the memory settings shows, that the Kingston sticks are running at 1866 MHz and the primary timings are 10-11-10-30. The reference MSI GeForce GTX 960 runs at stock clocks, which makes perfect sense in the case of pre-built systems.



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