Published by Marc Büchel on 27.07.11
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General   + -
Generally the ASUS G74SX leaves a good impression and it is a solid gaming notebook. We especially liked the big display with the very good colors as well as brightness. Additionally you get a well built keyboard. Impressive is the cooling system. Although the G74SX draws more than 140 Watts out of the wall the notbook isn't noisy at all. ASUS really did its homework very well.   - Display
- Batter life
- Weight
Display / Input devices   + -
ASUS equipped the G74SX with a very good 17.3 inch display. The colors and contrast ratio as well as the brightness were able to convince us. Thanks to the NVIDIA shutter glasses which are included in the delivery you can even enjoy 3D with the 120 Hz capable display. Altoghter it is simply perfect for a gaming notebook.
The keyobard which includes a number pad as well as separate arrow keys also leave as very good impression. Therefore build quality and responsiveness are very accurate. The only weakness concerns the touchpad. Especially the scrolling functionality could have been better.
  - Display size
- Readability
- Colors
- 3D
- Touchpad scroll functionality
Performance   + -
Equipped with a Core i7-2630QM quad core CPU that features eitght threads clocked at 2.0 GHz there is plenty of performance slumbering. Ufortunately in PCMark 7 it wasn't able to outperform the ASUS Lamorghini VX7 which remains on the top. As soon as you start the gaming benchmarks you see where this thing has its roots. Therefore the GTX 560M is more than ten percent faster than its predecessor which can be found in the Lamborghini notebook.   - Gaming Performance  
Recommendation   + -
If you should be looking for a gaming notebook that comes with a big display and is able to display 3D then the G74SX will definitely be a good choice   - Gaming Notebook
- DesktopReplacement
- Mobile Computing
With the G74SX Gaming Notebook ASUS has a convincing product in its portfolio. Because of the touchpad which could have been better we give it four out of five stars.

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Page 2 - Preview Page 8 - Web browsing / Data decryption / Windows Defender
Page 3 - Specifications / Chassis Page 9 - Futuremark
Page 4 - Display / Keyboard Page 10 - Gaming Benchmarks
Page 5 - Test Setup Page 11 - Battery Eater / Power Consumption
Page 6 - Video Playback / Downscaling Transcoding / Storage Page 12 - Conclusion

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