Published by Christian Ney on 23.06.11
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General   + -
The entry level derivate of the RV870 architecture leaves us with mixed feelings. On one side for CHF 90.- (est. EUR 69.-)  as retail price, the EAH5550 can be a good choice to upgrade a very old graphics card when building a new computer that should have a low price tag. You will be able to play old games smoothly and for the more recent titles you'll have to lower the resolution as well as the details and filtering options in order to make them playable. On the other side such cards aims at HTPC use but for this the fan simply is too noisy.   - One slot cooling system - Low profile - Noisy
Performance   + -
The EAH 5550 is certainly not a graphics card for hardcore gamers with an average of 13 fps in high end gaming. But if you lower the graphics details and the resolution to 1280 x 1024, then you will be able to enjoy playing your games smoothly. With 46 fps under DIRT 2, the game performs ok. We also tested the video playback ability, and the card performed well. Only for the MPEG-2 HDTV video playback it did two times less than his competitor the GT430. . - Casual Gaming - HD Gaming - Video Playback MPEG-2 HDTV
Overclocking   + -
Of course we tested the overclocking capabilities of this card. For us it doesn't matter if it's a low end or high end card. We managed to run 3DMark 11 Performance with 868 MHz on the core and 1'134 MHz for the memory, which a 318 MHz clock increas regarding the CPU and 334 MHz for the memory. This is an overclocking of way more than 50 % overclocking which causes the card to score significantly higher in 3DMark11. It was even able to beat the NVIDIA GT 440 then which is quite a bit more expensive.   - 868 MHz GPU / 1'134 MHz Memory - 50 % OC

Recommendation   + -
We recommend the ASUS EAH5550 for an office PC or a HTPC which is thanks to the video playback performance and the ability to perform casual gaming nicely at an attractive price tag. Meanwhile the fanless version would be the better choice as this card is very noisy.   - Office PC

Author: Christian Ney  

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