Review: AVEXIR Core Series 4x4GB DDR3-2800 MHz CL12

Published by Christian Ney on 20.11.12
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Closer Look

The AVEXIR Core kit arrives safely boxed in two transparent plastic blisters which are put in a small cardboard box. The box shows us the memory kit in action with the blue LEDs. On the back you have all the features as well as a sticker with the part number and the specs.

The design is clean and kind of futuristic. On the top you have a transparent plastic tube that will be illuminated by the blue LEDs when the system is on. The heatspreader is made of aluminium. It comes with a black painting and it's not too flamboyant. Furthermore it's not oversized, only 6 mm over the standard 3cm height.
On one side of the modules you can find a sticker where there is the part number with some specs.
LEDs colour cannot be changed.

With heatspreaders out of the way we see that AVEXIR chose to make use of Hynix's CFR PBC memory chips.

The SPD reading tells us more about the memory itself like the capacity, the name of the manufacturer and the JEDEC profiles stored which are in 6 accompanied with one XMP profile. Furthermore Avexir did something really nice when it comes to the part number. In fact they just redefined the term "awesomness". Instead of entering some weird numbers they've put in my name! How cool is that
The SPD has been well recognized by the BIOS of our motherboard but not by CPU-Z. The XMP is 1'400 MHz 12-14-14-35 and CPU-Z reads 12-15-15-36.

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