Review: Corsair Dominator Platinum 4x4GB DDR3-2666 MHz CL10

Published by Christian Ney on 16.11.12
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Closer Look

The Corsair Dominator Platinum kit comes in a very nice box. In fact there are two boxes attached to one another. In each box there are two modules which are packed in another plastic blister and placed in some soft foam. That's the best memory package we have ever come across. Unboxing the kit is like unboxing an Apple product, you get the same feeling. There is one minor flaw though: The specs aren't written on the box. There is just a sticker with the part number on it.

The design is very cool and futuristic. It's a nice improvement over the past Dominators that had almost the same design.
The one thing, which is very special about the these modules is the PCB. Usually the PCB of memory modules measures three centimeters. Corsair is using a PCB which measures four centimeters in height, where the additional centimeter has been made from copper almost entirely. As a result you get improved heat conductivity which leads to lower temperatures.
On one side of the modules you can find a sticker where you find the product name and on the flip side there is another sticker with the exact specs. Compared to other manufacturers you can find way more information about the modules than you usually do. There is the part number, the capacity of the module/kit, the rated frequency, timings, voltage, revision and the serial number. That's really everything you need to know. A silver Corsair logo is also present on both sides.
On top of this you find an aluminium bar with integrated LEDs. Replacement light bars to change the colour of the light aren't yet available.
The kit also features Corsair's Link interface.

With heatspreaders out of the way we see that Corsair chose to make use of Samsung's memory chips, the K4B2G0846D HCH9.

The SPD reading tells us more about the memory itself like the capacity, the name of the manufacturer, the JEDEC profiles stored which are in 3 accompanied with one XMP profile and the week of production. The part number is also displayed, awesome!
The SPD has been well recognized by the BIOS of our motherboard as well as by CPU-Z.

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