How To - X99 mATX Gaming Rig - Part 2

Published by Luca Rocchi on 16.04.15
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Solid State Drives


While HDDs reigned supreme for quite some time, in the last few years SSDs have become mainstream storage solution, at least to those looking for performance rather than the capacity. Apart from that today's solid state drives are not just quick, they are also reliable and since there are no mechanical parts inside, they are also completely silent. Since we are building a high-end system, we want to achieve high throughput rates and in order to do so we will be driving two 120GB Kingston SSDs in a RAID0 configuration.

Although HDDs offer significantly more storage at the same price point, we prefer using solid state drives for this build. The performance gap between HDDs and SSDs alone is more than enough reason to make our choice. Games and programs load so much faster on SSDs compared to HDDs and copying files happens in a fraction of the time an HDD would need to complete the same operation. In the case of our rig, we are going to use two HyperX Fury 120GB drives from Kingston. One of these drives costs about 60 Euro these days. If you keep in mind that one 240GB HyperX Fury drive costs about 100 Euro, you are going to pay 20 Euro more for the two 120GB SSDs but also receive around 75 percent more performance in return, thanks to RAID0 configuration.

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