The Vector is dead, long live the Vector - Competition

Published by Marc Büchel on 02.07.14

Finally ... we killed it. The Vector is dead after an insane struggle. Actually insane enough to give it even more credit with this competition. In order to win a brand new Vector 150 240GB and an OCZ shirt, you guys can guess the amount of Host Writes the Vector 256GB was able to complete. The guess the closest will win! To participate, leave a comment in one of our comment systems or on Facebook, where we also post the competition.

Guess the Host writes!

At the beginning of this year we've started an endurance test on OCZ's Vector drive with 256 Gigabyte capacity. Trying to wear the drive completely out, we were writing tons of data on it checked the amount of host writes. After a brave struggle the drive is finally dead and not showing up in the operating system anymore.

Since we were guessing ourselves how many host writes this drive can take, we think you guys are also really curious about the final number. To make things a little more interesting we'd now like you to guess the amount of host writes the drive was able to complete before failing. The person whose guess it the closest to the actual number will win a brand new OCZ Vector 150 drive with 240 GB capacity and in the package there will also be a stylish OCZ shirt.

So, do your maths guys and come up with an educated guess or just try your luck, posting a random comment here or on Facebook!

Competition ends 15th July 2014

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