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Published by Marc Büchel on 15.11.12
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With the CX430 Corsair presents quite an interesting power supply in this price range. Of course for an MSRP of only 59.99 US-Dollar one does not have to expect a perfect product but still it could be a good compromise, and that's exactly what the CX430 is. Chekcing revealed that these days you can get hold of this unit for as little as 37 Euros (est. CHF 44.-), which really is a bargain. What you get for this kind of money is a quite well built power supply unit that doesn't do magic when it comes to efficiency. But still, almost 86 percent at 50 percent load is ok. If you should be looking for a PSU which offers near or above 90 percent efficiency, then you'll definitely have to spend much more than 37 Euros (est. CHF 44.-).

Furthermore it's practical that Corsair decided to go for quite a compact form factor. Therefore this unit easily fits in a mini-ITX case. What we would have loved to see were two 6+2 pin adaptors and not only one. Also it would have been great if there were at least two more SATA connectors. With such a configuration, this unit would have been much more flexible and you could have also used it for a decent gaming PC or in a home file server and not only in an office PC. Last but not least there is the fan which is silent even when the PSU is under 50 percent load. At 100 percent load the operating noise can be described as subjectively audible.

For the Corsair CX430 receives good four out of five stars.

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