Gigabyte GTX460 Super Overclock

Published by Marc Büchel on 07.02.11
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General   + -
Despit the fact that the GTX 460 SOC isn't the latest regarding video cards this particular model still performs decent. Especially if you take into account that it is a midrange card. What makes this card quite handful is the fact that it come with a huge factory overclocking and still has a lot of overclocking potential.   - 2D/3D silent  
Performance   + -
Regarding the performance this card is able to compete with a Radeon HD 6850. If you then look at the price you can see that the GTX 460 SOC still is a highly competitive mid-range video card.      
Overclocking   + -
The overclocking software which was included in the bundle didn't convince us. In our tests it wasn't possible to set the voltage to the maximum using the "OC Guru" Software. As soon as we installed MSI Afterburner we were able to set the voltage to 1.088 Volt and reach a GPU frequency of 951 MHz and 4'300 MHz memory clock speed.   - Overclocking GPU 951 MHz / Mem 4'300 MHz

- OC Guru Software
Recommendation   + -
If you should be looking for a mid-range graphics card that comes with a unique board layout and design then the Gigabyte GTX 460 SOC will be a perfect match for you.   - Mid-Range Gaming  

Author: Marc Büchel,

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