Review: Prolimatech Megahalems Super Mega Tower Cooler

Published by Marc Büchel on 11.07.12
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With the Megahalems Super Mega, Prolimatech has a CPU cooler in its portfolio that offers excellent performance. On the other hand this cooler is everything but cheap and also the weight is immensely high because Prolimatech decided to provide the cooler with aluminium fins. In fact the Megahalems Super Mega weights almost one kilgramm. Another point that caught our attention immediately was the build quality, which is also on an excellent level. It doesn't matter from which angle you look at this cooler from every perspective it looks brilliant.   - PWM fan &Push[/fr]  
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The installation process is quite easy and you can mount the cooler quickly. Unfortunately there is no AMD mounting kit included in the delivery which makes this an "Intel-only" product (which really is a sad thing). Furthermore there is the very high pressure on the CPU and the fact that it takes quite a substantial amount of force to put the cooler in place. Novices will be constantly worried whether their going to break something or not, when tightening the screws. But the high pressure also has an advantage: it helps to increase cooling capacity even further.   - Easy and robust - Springs - Only compatible with Intel sockets, no AMD
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During our tests we used two 120 millimeter fans from Noctua which when driven at 12 Volt produce a noise level that is well audible. Using an adapter and regulating the voltage to 7 Volt made the noise level drop to subjectively silent. The performance of this cooler is just excellent. In both our tests it managed to achieve the first place in our comparison tables.

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If you're looking for an absolute high-end aircooler, then the Megahalems Super Mega from Prolimatech is what you're looking for. Never the less you shouldn't expect this thing to be cheap, especially not if you want to equip it with two fans.

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