Fractal Design Define Mini C TG Review

Published by Luca Rocchi on 13.11.17
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  Cooling Features Layout Build Quality Value for Money
Pros + Good compatibility for watercooling and aircooling
+ Water cooling
+ Dust filters + Tempered glass
+ Interior space + Good space for cable routing + High quality materials + Rubber groomets
+ Well priced
Cons   - No USB Type-C      

The Fractal Design Define Mini C TG is a mid-tower PC case designed for those who are looking for a silent rig, which is offering plenty of space even for high-end hardware as well as custom liquid cooling. Fractal Design decided to use the classic design approach common for their Define series but without the front door and there is no 5.25" slot as well. The materials and build quality are on very good level, which is something we certainly expected from Fractal Design and apart from that we like the updated looks thanks to the tempered glass side panel.

On the inside there is a lot of space available. If you fit an mATX motherboard you can easily install a radiator in the front and one in the top. Apart from that all drives bays have been moved to the bottom area of the case, which means that you will not see them. Since silence is also a the key point of this case, Fractal Design (again) added a sound-absorbing material on the right side panel. Testing the case as delivered with two 120mms fan in the front and one in the back, we found temperatures to be on a reasonable level, while the noise level was very low.

The amount of features you get with the Define Mini C TG make it a very interesting. We appreciated that there is a lot of space for custom water cooling setups, which means installing an all-in-one water cooler is piece of cake. Inside this case you can easily put pump, reservoire and one or two radiators, without having to worry about available space. When you have to built a custom loop you always have to figure out if there will be enough space for radiator, fans and all the other components necessary. With this particular case, you basically just go ahead and hit it with what you can fit. In other words, you don't have to think about how to fix the reservoir or if you need some extra supports because included in the bundle there are already a few useful supports and on bottom of the chassis there are pre-drilled holes for your needs.

The Define Mini C TG from Fractal Design is a PC case which we can definitely recommend. If you are looking for a mid-tower PC case with pre-installed acoustic insulation material as well as silent fans and on top of that it's fully compatible with custom watercooling gear, this is a great choice. With this case it is really easy to build a high-end rig. The Fractal Design Define Mini C TG is available on Geizhals for 82.69 Euro excluding shipping costs. The Fractal Design Define Mini C TG earns 5 out of 5 stars.

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