BitFenix Pandora ATX Review

Published by Luca Rocchi on 02.02.16
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The BitFenix Pandora ATX is a mid-tower case for users who want a fresh and elegant case in the price range of about 100 Euro. This case offers plenty of space for any ATX motherboard and you can even equip it with a few radiators to realize custom water cooling. Also the space dedicated to the power supply is more than sufficient, which really helps with compatibility when it comes to high-end setups. Another aspect that we really appreciated is the compatibility with custom water cooling loops since there are lots of slots for fans. As we already mentioned you can install 360mm radiators and that itself is great already.

Unfortunately we also noticed a few flaws, which showed up during the mounting process. First of all we have to focus on the side panels since the release system is a bit impractical. One thing we don't understand is why there are thumb screws on the back if there is a quick release system at the front. We would have like to see the same system everywhere. In addition removing the front dust filter is rather circumstantial.

The BitFenix Pandora ATX is available in two different versions, with and without the BitFenix ICON Display. The more sophisticated version is available on Geizhails for about 110 euro while the Core one goes for 90 euro. In our opinion, the price is appropriate and it reflects the quality and the bundle of the product, since there are two fans and there are also quite a lot of features. A few months ago we had the chance to review also the first model designed for mATX motherboard and the work done from BitFenix is remarkable since they improved several aspects of the Pandora. Although there is no aluminum anymore we believe that the steel used on this model is pretty solid and well made. Overall this case is an excellent solution for those looking for a well-designed case with decent cable management. The BitFenix Pandora ATX receives 4 out of 5 stars.

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