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Published by Luca Rocchi on 12.03.15
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General   + -
The be quiet! Silent Base 800 is a well thought, mid-tower PC case where a lot of attention has been paid to noise insulation features. At this point the engineers have really been working hard on effectively reducing the overall noise level. Furthermore, we also liked the two removable hard drive cages as well as the modular approach in general. Since orange is not everybody's favorite color, be quiet! offers three different color schemes with this case, where one is black and orange, which we've had for review and the other two are black and silver or black and black.  

- Price - Design
- Noise insulation
- Huge bundle

Manufacturing quality / Ergonomics   + -
Overall, the build quality is on a very good level. be quiet! didn't make the mistake to go for thin side panels in order to save weight. They used solid metal sheets which have been paired with noise insulation material. This combination guarantees for very high stability and stiff side panels. Furthermore installing hardware is simple and straightforward. We also appreciated the fact that there are several holes in the motherboard tray to route cables to the backside of the board. In addition we also like the two hidden 2.5" slots placed behind the motherboard tray, which can be just perfect if you want build a "stealth rig".  

- High quality materials
- Rubber groomets
- Internal space

Design / Layout   + -
As far as the design is concerned, we think that nobody could ever say something negative about the Silent Base 800, mainly because it features a simple look, and has neither strange details nor aesthetic flaws. It is a simple case, with elegant looks, that could fit in any kind of environment and as we already mentioned it's available with two different color schemes. Apart form the classy and elegant design, the Silent Base 800 offers good internal cooling and there is plenty of flexibility for building high-end liquid cooling systems. The only thing that could possibly be criticized concerns the size of this case, since it's rather tall for a midi tower.   - Design
- 3 pre-installed fans - Dust filters - Aircooling / Watercooling
- Too tall for being a mid-tower
Recommendation   + -
The Silent Base 800 from be quiet! is a case we definitely recommend. If you're looking for a mid-tower PC case with pre-installed acoustic insulation material as well as silent fans this is a great choice. With this case it is really easy to build a silent rig. The be quiet! Silent Base 800 is available on Geizhals for 107 Euro excluding shipping costs and it's available also in black/orange, black/silver and black/black color options.  

- Silent-PC
- Gaming-PC
- Enthusiast build
- Desktop PC
- File Server


The be quiet! Silent Base 800 gets good 4.5 out of 5 stars.

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