ASUS GeForce GTX 780 Ti DirectCU II OC Review

Published by Christian Ney on 07.01.14
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With the GTX 780 Ti DirectCU II OC ASUS managed to create an overall good card but it unfortunately also has a few downsides. Design as well as the cooling performance are on a very competitive level and we also like the fact that ASUS included a backplate which offers additional stability. In addition to the backplate, there is the option to create either a black/red or black/gold color scheme, which makes the card suit nicely to both the ASUS classic motherboards or the ASUS ROG motherboards.
Further improvements could have been made to noise levels and also the power consumption is rather high. The GPU overclocking could also have been higher and the memory was not overclocked at all, which would always be a nice addition to high-end custom graphics cards. Something else we noticed concerns the delivery as we were quite surprised not to find an SLI bridge.
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- Cooling performance
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Cooling / Noise Level   + -
In terms of raw cooling performance, the version of the DirectCU II cooler ASUS decided to equip this card with, is certainly doing a good job. Unfortunately noise levels are not as low as we would like them to be. In idle the card is silent but definitely not inaudible and under load it is well audible. Since there is quite some headroom regarding temperatures, ASUS could have reduced fans speeds.   - Cooling performance - Noise levels
Performance   + -
Overall performance is certainly great. A factory overclocked GeForce GTX 780 Ti is a beast of a graphics card. With the fan speeds the way they are and this version of the DirectCU II cooler, ASUS could have pushed the factory overclocking a bit further, without running into temperature issues.
A closer look at power consumption reveals that the figures are reasonably good in idle and the result is 10 Watts higher than what we got with the other GTX 780 Ti we had in our lab. Under load ASUS GTX 780 Ti DirectCU II OC draws as much power as the Gigabyte GHz Edition GTX 780 Ti, which make it fall behind in the performance/watt ratio.
  - Performance - Power consumption
Recommendation / Price   + -
Overall the GeForce GTX 780 Ti DirectCU II OC from ASUS certainly is far from being a bad card, but we believe that ASUS could have improved the overall experience by providing a BIOS update regarding the fan profile and the power consumption. Since we do not know the precise pricing yet, it's rather difficult to recommend this card.   - Gaming
We gave the GeForce GTX 780 Ti DirectCU II OC from ASUS 4 out of 5 stars.

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