Corsair Carbide Series Air 540 Review

Published by Marc Büchel on 09.07.13
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General   + -
With the Carbide Series Air 540, Corsair managed to build a cube case with a very well thought interior. In this regard Corsair was able to convince us but this case still offers room for improvement. For example: we disaggree with the fans Corsair has chosen and we would recommend to combine this case with lower rpm fans, which also feature 4-Pin PWM headers. On the other hand we very much liked the finish of this case and it's quite a good looking thing.   - Design
- Form factor
- Fans
Manufacturing quality / Ergonomics   + -
Build quality with this case is on a really good level. For example, Corsair didn't hopelessly save weight on the side panels. Combinend with the form factor of this case this results in a really stiff construcion. Furhtermore putting all the components in place, is very comfortable, since there is plenty of space everywhere. Very practical, that's what all the rubber covered cut outs are, since you can route cable exactly where you would like them to. And thanks to the unusual wide design there is more than enough space to nicely hide all cables.   - Build quality - Interior Space  
Design   + -
Since this case has a cubic shape and it's quite wide, the Air 540 seems quite chunky. Additionally this case is everything but small and its footprint is quite substantial. What we like at this point is the front, which has been split into two halfs. On the left hand side there is mesh and the right hand side it is clean and it features a velvety surface. This line management goes on, when looking at the top of the case. Should you like to have clear side to the interior of your PC, then you'll also like the big side windows Corsair equipped this case with and since, it's very easy to route all the cables neatly and hide them a system in the Air 540 will always look clean.    - Design - Window  
Recommendation   + -
Should you be looking for a rather special case, which allows you to present your precious hardware in a nice and clean way and which also offers plenty of space for a watercooling solution, then the Air 540 from Corsair is a great choice. But still, this thing won't be everybodies darling, since it's for example impossilbe to use this case as a file server without modding it.   - Gaming-PC
- Enthusiast build
- Desktop PC
- File Server
The Corsair Carbide Series Air 540 gets good four out of five stars. The case comes at a price point of est. CHF 155.- (est EUR 129.-).

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