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Published by Marc Büchel on 30.05.12
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Compared to the S2, the S3 is a step towards the right direction. The fact that there is no LTE support is a pity but at least there is hope that the Koreans will implement this in a future revision of the device. At the moment it seems like the Exynos 4412 SoC really is one of the fastest around. It seems a good idea to power it with a 2100 mAh battery pack. Another great thing is that Samsung seems to work together with Dropbox to offer customers 50 Gigabyte of free cloud storage.
Another thing we want to underline at this point is the dispaly. The brilliant colors as well as the high level of brightness are two very convincing factors. Combined with a reduced power consumption per square inch, the display does only draw little more power then the one the Koreans put into the S2. Furthermore there is their practical Smart Stay features which uses a facial recognition software to track ones eyes. Like this the device is able to shut down the display automatically when you close your eyes. This also comes very handy when you're reading long e-mails. Other smartphones tend to dimm or turn off their displays after a certain period of time. The S3 turns off the display when when your eyes are closed or simply when you put it into your pocket.

Samsung has three different models in their portfolio where the only difference is the storage capacity. There is a model with 16 Gigabyte, a model with 32 Gigabyte and a flagship with 64 Gigabyte. A closer look at the local price comparison portal Toppreise showed that only the 16 Gigabyte and the 32 Gigabyte model are listed. These days they cost CHF 635.- and CHF 749.- for the 32 Gigabyte model.

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