Seasonic Prime Titanium 750W Review

Published by Marc Büchel on 18.04.17
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With the Prime Titanium 750W Seasonic released an absolute high-end power supply. There is a costly AC filtering stage, an extremely high end fan, and the massive use of Japanese capacitors, which - amongst other parts - add up to a great product. All the components mentioned comply with highest standards and its hard to find other PC PSU's which are built according to similar guidelines. Furthermore this PSU is very reliable even if you plan with it for long term usage. Overall there is simply nothing to complain about this unit and judging by the 12 year warranty plan you get with these units, the vendor is also highly confident that this is a solid product. Should such a unit ever break down, then you'll receive a brand now model at that point in time. As we already mentioned, the only thing we'd like to see are exchangable cover plates in different colors. Would there be such cover plates, then unit would blend in absolutely perfect in any high-end modding build as well.

This high-end power supply is absolutely worthy of receiving five out of five stars.

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