MIFCOM Battlebox Titan Xp Review

Published by Luca Rocchi on 25.07.17
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  • MIFCOM Battlebox Titan Xp
  • MIFCOM Battlebox Titan Xp
  • MIFCOM Battlebox Titan Xp
  • MIFCOM Battlebox Titan Xp

The MIFCOM Battlebox TitanXp is an overall very fast gaming PC that doubles up as a capable workstation. At the heart there is the NVIDIA Titan Xp graphics cards, which has been combined with an Intel Core i7-6900K CPU. Apart from that the 1TB 960 Evo drive reduces loading times to a minimum, which gives this system a very quick and responsive feel. Apart from that the noise levels it produces in idle can be described as very silent. Unfortunately the same cannot be said about noise levels under load. 44.6 dBA are subjectively speaking very well audible. Furthermore the design that’s kept in black with red illuminated fans which makes the system interesting to look at. Thanks to the side window you can always have a look at the powerful NVIDIA Titan Xp graphics card.

In comparison to our reference system the MIFCOM Battlebox Titan Xp performs within the expected margin. Therefore the 2D as well as 3D capabilities are on the expected levels. The Intel Core i7-6900K offers plenty of performance and the NVIDIA Titan Xp graphics card is even capable of running most recent games at 2160p (UHD) resolution.

If you first turn your Battlebox TitanXp on you’ll be guided through the setup assistant of Windows 10 Professional. Once that is done you’ll notice that there is zero bloat ware on this system, which means you won’t have any software eating up resources in the background – which is a good thing for apparent reasons. Basically the only uncommon software that can be found pre-installed is Teamviewer. The reason is that if you'd be ringing up MIFCOM support one day they could log into your PC - if you grant them access apparently - and solve possible issues themselves.

What we liked is the fact that MIFCOM’s Battlebox series at Digitec consists of two different models. Should you be looking for a powerful gaming PC, that could also be used as a workstaiton then the Battlebox is a safe but definitely not a cheap bet. Overall the MIFCOM Battlebox Titan Xp earns 4 out of 5 stars.

The MIFCOM Battlebox Titan Xp gaming PC is currently available at Digitec for a price of CHF 5799.-

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