Cougar Immersa Review

Published by Luca Rocchi on 01.12.16
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Cougar decided to equip the Immersa with two 40 millimeters drivers, which should be able to guarantee a good sound experience. We tested the Immersa with a wide variety of music, movies and games. Despite our initial fears, the Immersa headset was a rather pleasant surprise and the sound is, in our opinion, well balanced. During our tests we found it has great reproduction of high, mids and bass, and Cougar certainly did a good job from this point of view. Only on high-volume, we found some distortion in the audio quality. If you love deep and pumped bass, you can still boost those frequencies by using an equalizer.



The microphone is very good and we like the fact that it is retractable. The in-line remote control is practical and convenient, however, made ​​of a very cheap plastic, which is a rather unpleasant suprise considering the overall quality of the headset. Captured voice sounds clean and natural, while it doesn't matter whether you're using Skype or TeamSpeak.


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