be quiet! Silent Base 800 Review

Published by Luca Rocchi on 12.03.15
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Ventilation options


The Silent Base 800 offers plenty of spots for fans and inside the delivery you will find two models measuring 140mm in diameter and another 120mm one. You can install up to two 140mm fans in the front, one 120mm in the rear and up to another two 120/140mm fans at the top.
Despite the fact, that the side panels have been equipped with a thick layer of soundproofing material, you also have the option to install fans at this place. A well though rentention system allows you to do so.
If you are a fan of watercooling you will be happy to know that the Silent Base 800 is also perfect for this type of cooling. Thanks to the fact, that there is plenty of space and there are modular hard drive cages, you will be able to mount a 280mm radiator at the front and a 240/280mm at the top.

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