BitFenix Prodigy M Blue Review

Published by Luca Rocchi on 13.11.14
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Taking a closer look at the top of this case show the flexible handle bars. They have been made from the same material like the front and feature a soft-touch surface. Apart from the handle bars there is there is a removabe airfilter. Once taken off we have a clear view towards the two spaces for 120 millimeter fans. If you ca're willing to sacrifice the 5.25 inch drive bay, then there is plenty of space for a 240 millimeter radiator. BitFenix have proven numerous times, the Prodigy is a case that offers a lot of flexibility and the mATX version doesn't change that a bit.



Taking a closer look we can find four screws which keep the 120 millimeter outtake fan in place. Removing this fan allows you to install either one or two 2.5 inch or 3.5 inch drives. Looking at the feet there are the same bars like in the top and are rather flexible, which means the Prodigy does not stand on a table or on the floor like a stone.

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