Bitfenix Flo Review

Published by Luca Rocchi on 07.04.14
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BitFenix decided to equip the Flo with two 40 millimeters speakers, which should be able to guarantee a good sound experience. We tested the Flo with a wide variety of music, movie and games. Despite our initial fears, the Flo headset was a rather pleasant surprise and the sound is, in our opinion, well balanced. During our tests we found it has great reproduction of high, mids and bass, and BitFenix certainlz did a good job from this point of view. Only on high-volume, we found some distortion in the audio quality. If you love the deep and pumped bass, you can still raise the tone through the equalizer.
The overall quality is good, especially if you consider the price of the product and the small amount of padding around the ears.



The microphone is made in a hard rubber housing and it is removable. The headphones come with a handy remote control, with which you can adjust the sound volume and mute/unmute the microphone. Bitfenix Flo has a very good bundle, so inside the box you get three cables total: 1m straight cable, 1m cable with the in-line remote and 2m audio cable extension.
The support is quite flexible and with memory effect, unfortunately it is always too far away from the mouth due to lack of vertical adjustment.


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