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Published by Marc Büchel on 15.11.12
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The CM Storm Quick Fire TK Pro is a very robust and high quality gaming keyboard which is able to gather a lot of plus points with its Cherry MX keys. We also liked the comfortable key cap coating, that provides great levels of grip while not being sticky. Furthermore it is a good descision that Cooler Master equipped this keyboard with an FN key to provide additional functionality.

Regarding the design the CM Storm Quick Fire TK Pro comes with a mixture of black matte, grey and red/blue/white, whereas the keys are black and have a red, blue or white backlight. Furthermore we loved to notice that the backlight can also be seen clearly an a bright light room.

Despite the fact that this keyobard comes with a compact form format you'll be able to place your hand in an ergonomic way. Therefore it's possible to write even longer texts - such as this review - with the Quick Fire TK. Combinded with the Cherry MX keys as well as the rubber coating you get with each key, typing is very comfortable. Special for the Cherry keys in this keyobard is, that they don't have a defined release point. They already react when you push a key half way through.

Last but not least the price: MSRP is 94.99 Euro (est. CHF 114.-). This isn't exactly cheap, especially not if you consider that this is a compact keyboard where quite a few keys are missing. But still we think the price is ok, since you get mechanical switches as well as backlight in three different colors, realized by one LED below each key.

The CM Storm Quick Fire TK gets very good four and a half out of five stars.

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