Preview: Asus Z9PE-D8 WS Dual Socket LGA2011 Motherboard

Published by Christian Ney on 19.04.12
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At a first glance we can see that this motherboard from Asus is definitely more suitable for enthusiasts than servers/workstations. There are more features that fit the needs of enthusiasts and less for professional useres in the workstation/server area. Nevertheless this doesn't mean Asus failed doing a worksation/enthusiast motherboard. Indeed it has everything you like. There are for example seven full size PCIe Gen3 slots, an onboard 2D graphic processor - in case you need it -, a lot of SATA connectors and even an audio chip. We also liked the overclocking features like onboard reset/power buttons, postcode LED debug as well as a well furnished BIOS with a lot of options.   - Design
- Overclocking Features
- Memory Frequency up to 2133 MHz
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Looking at the DIMM slots showed that they have been placed very close to the CPU sockets although they are only eight in toral, which is not much for a worksation motherboard. This motherboard has got plenty of PCIe x16 Gen3 slots to enable extreme GPU computing performance thanks to four slots with 16 lanes and three other ones with only eight lanes. To provide even more features, this board has got an integrated 2D gpu as well as an audio chip to satisfy both pros and enthusiasts needs. Too bad the SATA connectors aren't angled on this motherboard, not even some.

  - PCI Express Gen3
- ASPEED AST2300 2D Graphic Processor
- Audio
- No VGA out although there is a 2D chip onboard - Only eight memory slots - Memory slots very close to the cpu socket

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Author: Christian Ney


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