Review: GeIL Evo Corsa 16GB Quad Channel DDR3-2400 MHz CL11

Published by Christian Ney on 12.01.12
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First of all as you can see increasing the voltage by 0.05v doesn't bring much more frequency headroom. The GeIL Evo Corsa performed very well for a 16GB memory kit, with the stock/default voltage we easily managed to get a stable 2000 MHz at CL8. 200 MHz more were possible with higher CL9 latencies and we were close to the rated frequency in CL10, only 50 MHz away. Basically this means even buying the CL11 kit you will be able to run it at the specs of the CL10 kit. For the CL11-11-11-30-1T results we managed to run only at default specs and we had to raise the different voltages of our CPU because the IMC (Integrated Memory Controller) of our chip is not that good so that's why we weren't able to do more than 2400 MHz. On X79 LGA2011 and Sandy Bridge E processors it's easy to run the memory at 2133 MHz but not all chips are capable of operating at these frequencies. So not only the memory is part of the equation, the CPU is too.

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