Jonsbo QT-03 Review

Published by Luca Rocchi on 07.04.17
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On the inside this case offers quite a lot, even though it's not a large enclosure. The fact that there is a PSU cover makes it look sleek on the inside. The motherboard tray features pre-soldered standoffs allowing you to put your motherboard in place in a breeze. There is also a big opening behind the socket, which allows for installing aftermarket coolers, while the motherboard is already in place. The tray comes with five openings for cable management and there is plenty of space between the motherboard tray and the right side panel to put all the cables. Furthermore there is a plastic panel which helps to cover all the cables in close proximity to the motherboard. At the same time this plastic panel supports long graphics card. Although this idea does make a lot of sense the panel doens't support all the different graphics cards.

HDDs and SSDs can be installed without any difficulty using the supplied slides. Looking for the place where to put the power supply, we find a large cover helping to keep the main chamber of this case clean and sleek. As you may have noticed from the pictures, the power supply compartment comes with a cover allowing you to hide all the cables and build a clean and tidy system. For our test we've used an ATX motherboard with and a water cooler for the CPU as well as a high-end graphics card. Despite the fact that there is a dual-fan all-in-one water cooler as well as large MSI GTX 980 Gaming graphics card we were able to place all the components inside the case without any issues.


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