Cougar Immersa Review

Published by Luca Rocchi on 01.12.16
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Wearing confort and ergonomics


The Immersa headset from Cougar is very comfortable and lightweight, mostly thanks to the materials that have been used and especially because of the soft ear cushions. The headband features a small amount of rubber which makes it grippy, rather soft and pleasant to touch. The ear pieces are mainly made from plastic and the overall quality is on a good level so you should not be able to find any manufacturing mistakes at all, something that we certainly expected from Cougar.The sample we receive was overall solidly built and sturdy. The headband can not be extended yet it will self adjust to your head. The ear cups are big even if you're wearing glasses there won't be any pressure points. Furthermore there is good sound proofing, which will let you focus on the gaming experience. Cougar is using glossy surfaces almost anywhere, which have been well-made again. A quick look at the cable shows that it's not removable, but of good quality. Also included in the delivery there is an adapter from 2-pin to 3-pin, which allows connecting this headset to smartphones as well.

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