Noontec Zoro II Wireless Review

Published by Luca Rocchi on 13.10.16
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Wearing confort and ergonomics


With their Zoro II Wireless Noontec created a comfortable wireless headset. Thanks to the reasonable weight, good balance and soft ear cushions this headset is comfortable to wear. Actually, the padding is made from memory foam, which has been covered using leather and thanks to the extendable headband the Zoro II Wireless should fit virtually any head shape. The headphones are made mostly from plastic with a glossy finish and a solid main structure of aluminum, only the bendable parts are made of steel. Both earcups offer remote controls, on the left earcup there is a power on LED while on the right one we find the volume control. Since the headset doesn't offer a integrated microphone, you will find an additional flat cable with a in-line microphone suitable for calls.

A quick look at the charging cable shows it measures approximately 1.2 meters, which is long enough, since you’re anyway going to charge the headset only while you’re not using it. What’s interesting in this case as well is the fact that the battery lasts for about 35 hours and that actually is great. On another note it’s interesting to mention that the wireless range is really good as well. We used the headset with a generic bluetooth dongle but you can also pair this headset with your smartphone and with up to 8 devices using NFC.

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