Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro Review

Published by Bean on 04.07.14
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Wearing confort and ergonomics


Weighing in at 290grams, the Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro’s are light and sit comfortably on the head. Coupled with the soft leather pads and well padded headband, we were more than happy to go an entire day with these on our heads.
The Custom One Pro’s have an adjustable headband which is sure to suit any size of head. Noise isolation is very good, without putting much pressure on the sides of the head. We were more than ok wearing them with prescription glasses and also sunglasses without feeling any undue pressure.
The Custom One Pro’s have a very stout build and reflect that in their durability, we dropped the headphones onto concrete more than once without them sustaining any damage. The same, unfortunately, can not be said for the cable. After just one month of almost daily use, the Cable no longer makes a good connection and dramatically changes the overall experience. This is very much due to the removable cable feature. The Audio Technica A900’s that we’ve had for over 4 years and have seen their fair share of abuse do not experience this issue at all.

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