EpicGear Blade and Hybrid Pad Review

Published by Luca Rocchi on 06.02.14
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General + -
The overall build quality isn't too bad if you consider that this is a budget gaming mouse. We like the coating, which feels soft and comfortable. Another decent addition is the braided cable which looks and feels good.   - Design
- Price
Performance / Ergonomics   + -
Blade uses the Avago ADNS-3050 with 2000 DPI of resolution, rather low compared to the average of the products tested but still enough. The mouse is designed for those who love the "palm" and "claw" grip. After a few hours of use, we can only say that we found the DPI buttons too uncomfortable. The glide pads are made from teflon and gliding characteristics are good on almost any surface.   - Comfort - DPI buttons
EpicGear Hybrid Pad   + -
We have tested the mouse with the EpicGear Hybrid Pad. The bottom part of this mousepad is made from relatively soft foam material, which comes with a certain kind of memory effect. The actual surface is made from cloth and allows for precise tracking. Overall this is a decent mousepad if there wasn't this distinct memory effect that makes the mouse sinking into the pad as soon as you wrap your hand around the rodent.   - Performance - Memory effect
Recommendation / Price   + -
If you are looking for a plug-n-play mouse with 7 buttons and good overall performance, then EpicGear Blade can be a rather good choice. The price is very aggressive and on Geizhals you can find offers starting at 30 euro excluding shipping costs.

EpicGear Hybrid Pad is an interesting product with a competitive price-tag too. The overall performance is decent and for about 12 Euro (shipping excluded) you get a 292 x 208 x 3 millimeter mousepad.
  - Price
We gave the Blade from EpicGear 4 out of 5 stars.
We gave the Hybrid Pad from EpicGear 3.5 out of 5 stars.

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