Corsair Carbide Series Air 540 Review

Published by Marc Büchel on 09.07.13
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Left side


Looking at the left side of the Air 540 you instantly notice, the big window. Once removed, we get an even better overview on what's what on this side of the motherboard tray. One of the very first things we noticed were the three Corsair AF140L high-flow vents, which unfortunately are quite noisy and they also don't feature a 4-pin connector. So the only way to control fan speeds is by equipping this case with a fan controller. By checking out the bottom area there are two carriages for 3.5 inch hard drives with hot swap ports, which makes it convenient to exchange them. Another very practical aspect of this case are the cable mangement holes, which are virtually everywhere in this case, but they do not intefere with the looks. Furthermore practical are the cable tie loops to attach all the cables to.
As you can see on the last two pictures, this case offers plenty of space for a triple radiator. Since there are quite big compression fittings on our EK radiator we had to apply some gentle force to put the thing in place. Obviously, the fact, that the fittings collide with the 3.5 inch HDD carriage this renders that very hot-swap cage useless. Apparently mounting the radiator this way doesn't really make a lot of sense, since having the fittings on top makes it possible to get rid of this compatibility issue. Next to a triple radiator in the front you can add another dual radiator in the top of the case. Overall the Air 540 allows you to put an excellent cooling system in place.

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