Review: HP Envy Spectre XT 13''

Published by Marc Büchel on 03.10.12
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Display / Input Devices



For its Spectre XT HP uses a LGD0368 which offers a resolution of  1366 x 768 pixels. Furthermore the dispaly comes with a mirroring surface. In our tests we measured a maximum brightness level of 202 Candela per squaremeter and a minimum value of 191 Candela per squaremeter, which really isn't much. For Ultrabooks the likelihood, that they're being use outside is very high and therefore maximum brightness should be at least 250 Candela per squaremeter. This display doesn't even offer good stability regarding the viewing angle. Furthermore there is the contrast level that could be improve. Black values are way too high and therefore if you're watching a movie it looks pale and matte. Overall this really isn't a panel one should put into a device that is going to be sold in a premium market segment. It's simply inappropriate.


Input Devices


The keyboard has been placed in an aluminium bed which also fits perfectly into the decent design of the entire notebook. As soon as you place your hands and start typing you'll be surprised what a good keyboard HP used for this Ultrabook. Writing even longer articles (such as this review) is very comfortable. Even after hours your wrists wont start to hurt. The only thing which might need some time to get used to the arrow keys with their custom layout.

Overall HP decided to make use of a decent touchpad. It is very accurate and it's no big deal if you do not have a mouse at hand. Something else that was working very well were the multitouch gestures. Scrolling with two fingers for example works perfectly.

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