Review: Samsung Galaxy S3

Published by Marc Büchel on 30.05.12
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Case / Design / Handling

Like with the S2 Samsungs crafted a case for the S3 which seem cheap at a first glance. At least it looks like the company had to save money somewhere. Using thin plastic and a chassis which is not that stiff also brings adavantages. For example: if you take an iPhone and drop it from 50 centimeters height on one of its edges then the glass will definitely break. With the Samsung you might be luckier in such a situation, but we would also prefer to have a device which comes with an exceptional build quality. Something else that is remarkable is the fact that Samsung chose to eliminate black from their color palette. The S3 is available in a very dark blue as well as in white. A closer look at preorder numbers shows that this seems to have been a good descision from Samsung because there are lots of people ordering the phone in dark blue.


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