Review: GeIL Evo Corsa 16GB Quad Channel DDR3-2400 MHz CL11

Published by Christian Ney on 12.01.12
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Test Setup

Motherboard Gigabyte X79-UD7
CPU Intel Core i7-3930K
Graphic card Asus Radeon HD 5550
Memory GeIL Evo Corsa GOC316GB2400C11QC
HDD OCZ Vertex 2 60Go
PSU Seasonic X-Series 750 Watts
OS Memtest86+ v4.2

We were thinking a lot about how to test memory in a way that one can come up with a qualitative conclusion rather than a quantitative one. Our goal is to be able to comment on the memory kits quality. Furthermore, standard performance tests with memory do not have any significance at all. This is because almost the only thing you're measuring is the error in measurement.

What we do instead of performance tests are "scaling test". First we start with the standard voltage and increase the frequency until the system becomes unstable. To test the stability we use Memtest86+ v4.2. 

Using this method one can do statements on the modules potential and on the quality of the chips used. Generally you can say the lower the voltage needed for high overclocking results the better the chips.

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Review: GeIL Evo Corsa 16GB Quad Channel DDR3-2400 MHz CL11 - Memory DDR3 - Reviews - ocaholic