Intel Core i7 - 965/920 - architecture and performance

Published by Jean-Luc Hadey on 03.11.08
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Microarchitecture design II

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Nehalem is Intels first monolithic quad core CPU which comes with an integrated last level cache. A central queue connects the different cores with eachother and also the uncore region where the L3-cache, the integrated memory controller and the QPI links are located.

Through integrating the memory controller on to the CPU there is no more need of a Front-Side-Bus. Instead there now are QPI links (Quick Path Interconnect). Summarized QPI is a packet based point to point connection which provides high bandwidth and low latency. Best case up to 6.4 GT/s are possible. Every link is implmented as a 20 bit wide interface. QPI packets are 80 bit long and will be transmitted in 4 to 16 cycles. 16 of 80 bit are reserved for flow-control and CRC. The other 64 bit handle data. Every link is able to transfer 12.8 GB/s and because of the fact that QPI links are bi-directional 25.6 GB/s can be transferred. Nehalem will scale with the number of QPI links which will be determined by the targeted marketsegment.

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