In Win D-Frame Mini Review

Published by Luca Rocchi on 17.09.14
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Product overview



The D-Frame Mini features a rather unique and extravagant design, in fact, the case is composed of multiple aluminum tubes and two side panels made from tempered glass. The build quality is very high, aluminum and all finishes are on a high level. As mentioned, the basic structure is composed of a series of aluminum tubes welded to each other in order to complete a cage which is finished off with two pieces of tempered glass on each side. The painting, both inside and outside, is great. The product is very solid and sturdy, but we do recommended to handle it with an extreme care. In contrast to the majority cases available on the market, the D-Frame does not have a single way to stand, but can be used in both vertical and horizontal way. Thanks to multiple configurations of the case, In Win chosen to position buttons, USB 3.0 headers and audio jacks on the front of the case. This case may seem very basic and minimalist, however thanks to the unique design, it is able to accommodate up to a maximum of three 3.5" HDDs and two 2.5" SSDs. In other words, the 3.5" HDDs are placed on HDD sleds, made ​​of aluminum, while the SSDs are located behind the motherboard tray.


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