Cooler Master HAF XB Evo Review

Published by Luca Rocchi on 12.06.14
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Product overview



As most of you might know HAF stands for High Airflow which implicates that Cooler Masters makes use of components that allow for an increased airflow compared to cases from other manufacturers. The external design of the case uses the classic style that distinguish the HAF series from other series, including vents and fans. The front features a large mesh for the installation of 120 and 140 millimeters fans, 5.25" peripherals and hot swap drive bay. Both sidepanels, which are identical, include a large mesh and two practical handles. The rear, like the front allows the installation of other components for ventilation. The HAF XB Evo is a cube case divided into two floors for hardware. In the lower floor you can find a hot swap cage, which is able to carry four 3.5 inch or four 2.5 inch drives. Right next to it there are the two 5.25 inch bays for optical drives. Shifting you focus more towards the back of the case reveals the space for the power supply. A closer look at the upper floor shows that there is plenty of space for your motherboard as well as your other precious hardware.




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