Couchmaster Pro Microfaser Review

Published by Luca Rocchi on 28.01.14
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Closer Look - Part II


The mounting process of the Couchmaster is very simple and quite intuitive. The official website features all the instructions to perform a correct assembly. For our test, we used a set of devices produced by EpicGear, the Dezimator keyboard, Blade gaming mouse and HybriPad mousemat. As you can see from the pictures, the keyboard is slightly bigger than average, but despite its size, it can be placed easily on the plastic bar. Despite the substantial weight of the Dezimator, 1.9Kg, we did not notice uncertainties or crunches on the plastic bar.

As we said earlier, the cushions are soft enough and can hold the weight of the person. Despite the initial skepticism, the gameplay is very comfortable. We used the Couchmaster for a few rounds of Battlefield 4 (multiplayer) and we found it awesome and it did not put any strain to our wrists or elbows. The gaming experience with Couchmaster is definitely equal, if not superior, to the desk.

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