Club3D Radeon HD 7850 royalQueen Review

Published by Christian Ney on 28.08.13
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General + -
Club3D’s variant of the AMD Radeon HD 7850 leaves a mixed impression. The card isn't really special, no factory overclocking was made and it is equiped with the reference PCB. On the bright side, it features very good cooling solution, silent and effective. On the dark side the power consumption is not good in idle and its price is too high for what you get.
The bundle is okay for such a card, no more than what you need.
  - Performance
- Cooling
- No Factory Overclocking
- Price
Cooling / Noise Level   + -
Despite that the cooler looks really simple and cheap it left a really good impression, it's a real wolf in sheep's clothing. GPU Temperatures were quite bad actually in idle but very good under load where it managed to defeat ASUS' DirectCU 2 cooler. The GPU hit only 75°C under heavy FurMark load with the fans locked at 30 % fan speed. Now with the fan in auto, after playing BattleField 3 for an hour the maximum temperature hit by the GPU was 61°C. In this case the maximum fan speed was as low as 33%, translated it means a noise level of 32.5 dBA (noiseless).   - inaudible in 2D
- Silent in 3D
- Temperatues in idle
Performance   + -

No surprise here, without any factory overclocking the card performs exactly like the reference card from AMD.
A closer look at power consumption shows, that our test system, equipped with the royalQueen, burns 64 Watts under idle conditions and 130 Watts under load.
The card suffers from a problem described here in detail that makes the card eat way more power than another card with the same PCB for exemple. Under load the values are good and the Performance/Watt ratio is on a good level too.

  - Performance/Watt
- Power consumption under load
- Power consumption in idle
- Performance/Price
Recommendation / Price   + -
We have looked up the prices of several HD 7850 on geizhals and we saw that the cheapest offer starts at 139 Euros excluding shipping costs accross the EU. On the price comparison portal the royalQueen is listed at 154 Euros. That's a lot considering that the royalQueen has only its cooler that makes it interesting and some cheaper cards may have a better cooler paired with a factory overclocking. Therefore it's hard to recommend this card at the moment.   - Gaming  
We gave the Radeon HD 7850 royalQueen from Club3D 3 out of 5 stars.

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