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Published by Marc Büchel on 28.06.12
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Extreme Engine Digi+ II Since quite some time ASUS has been equipping its boards with digital power designs. Using the right software it is not only possible to adjust voltages while being in Windows on can now also control impedances. Furthermore this board features high quality 10K black metallic capacitor which guarantee a long lifespan.

Thunderbolt ASUS ships the Maximus V Extreme with native Thunderbolt support. Utilizing the x4 lanes of PCI Express together with the iGPU integrated DisplayPort output, the Maximus V Extreme is capable of delivering a simultaneous bi-directional throughput of 10 Gbps data via this Thunderbolt port. This port is also capable of displaying video content with up to 2560 x 1600 resolution. Fruthermore it is also possible to realize a triple display solution using only the iGPU.

3.3 Volt Power Generator Many VGA cards rely heavily on the delivery of +3.3V for its display PLL and VSynch functionalities. Furthermore the +3.3V rail also asks as a major source of pull-up for various parts of the GPU. ASUS has now made a dedicated PCI Express 3.3V Power Generator, which generates its own power to the +3.3V Aux used by VGA cards. This allows the VGA cards to consume +3.3V Aux power independent from what was made available through the +3.3V rail of their power supply. At the end of the day this feature allows better overclocking capabilities especiall for multi GPU setups.

VGA Power Control Extreme overclockers often look for ways to easily increase the voltages on their VGA cards. Using VGA Power Controller you get four sets of pin connections to the SMBus Clock and SMBus Data. Users will be able to make adjustments of the l2C Address, Over Current Protection, Load-Line, Manual Voltage Level and Switching Frequency to the power solution of up to four VGA cards at the same time.

Subzero Sense Subzero Sense integrates 2 x Type-K Probe digital Thermometers onboard. This enables extreme overclockers to be able to keep track of the critical temperature on the fly within the range between -200 to +200°C.

OC Key OC Key enables useres with the capability to conduct CPU-free, debug tool (OSD Poster), real-time monitor (OSD Monitor) and tweaking (OSD TweakIt) on the same screen used by the overclocking system.

VGA Hotwire The VGA Hotwire integrates a set of six variable resistors, each paired up with a dedicated voltage sensor, allowing extreme overclockers to be able to make direct detection, as well as modifications to the VGA cards without having to go through the trouble of skilling themselves to operate the external veriable resistors, in order to complete the mod.

mPCIe Combo expansion card The ROG mPCIe Combo expansion card enables users to expand the capability of the motherboard with either the mSATA or mPCIe devices. Furthermore there is the bundled BT3.0/4.0 with Dual Band WiFi 802.11 a/b/g/n card.

EPU If you activate the EPU this chip monitors all possible voltages and clock speeds and automatically sets them to guarantee an energy efficient operation of you system.
TPU As soon as one activates the TPU this chips monitors all possible voltages and clock speeds using the according software. The difference to the EPU is that TPU will provide as much performance as possible. Therefore it can increase clock speeds and voltages.

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