Know How: Digi+ Power Control Rampage IV Formula

Published by Marc Büchel on 21.12.11
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VTT and DRAM Settings

CPU VTT Switching Freq Overrides the switching frequency of the CPU VTT power supply via the control of the CPU VTT Switching Frequency. Setting to a higher value may help to stabilize the power delivery to CPU VTT for a higher CPU OC margin.
CPU VTT Over-Current Protection Overrides the Intel defined limit to the amount of current drain of the CPU VTT via the adjustments of the CPU VTT Over Current Protection. Disabling this option may help to prevent CPU throttling problems under high load with the possibility to cause damage to the CPU under extreme high load.
DRAM-AB / DRAM-CD Current Capability Overrides the DRAM Voltage over current protection level to up to 40 % above the original via the DRAM-AB Current Capability and DRAM-CD Current Capability option, depending on the DRAM channels the users wish to control. This can be done to prevent the system from throttling down when the DRAM has been overloaded.
DRAM-AB / DRAM-CD Voltage Frequency Controls the DRAM Voltage Switching Frequency for the delivery of more stable power to the DRAM via the adjustment of DRAM-AB Voltage Frequency and DRAM-CD Voltage Frequency option. Setting to a higher frequency may help to improve the power delivery for the DRAM, which then enhances its stability.
DRAM-AB / DRAM-CD Power Phase Control Controls the DRAM Power Phase Control to decide if the DRAM VRM should reduce the number of active power phases (Optimized / Extreme) to allow better power efficiency when the system idles down. Setting to Extreme will simply disable the CPU VRM down phase function.
PCH 1.1V Switching Freq Overrides the default switching frequency of the power circuit to the PCH chipsets via the adjustment of the PCH 1.1V Switching Frequency option. Raising this option may help to deliver a more stable power to the PCH chipset to allow better OC margin when the PCH is involved.

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