Intel Core i7 - 965/920 - architecture and performance

Published by Jean-Luc Hadey on 03.11.08
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Microarchitecture design I


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The Front-Side-Bus-architecuture on which Intles Core 2 CPUs and older ones are base might be sufficient for notebooks but high performance desktops, workstations and servers demand for higher bandwidths. Notebooks therefore access one or two cores and the are cost and energy sensitive also the need low latency for a single task. On principle desktop systems are similar to notebook systems but they need to be able to handle extreme bandwidth when it comes to discrete graphic solutions. Servers can access a nearly unlimited number of CPUs and they also need to handle many different tasks. Therefore they require low latency and massive bandwidth.

With Nehalem, Intel designed a flexible, modular and highly scalable CPU which comes up to all these demands.

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