BitFenix Prodigy M Blue Review

Published by Luca Rocchi on 13.11.14
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The front of BitFenix's Prodigy M is quite simple, elegant and therefore timeless. In this case you find a front plate made from white plastic that features a soft-touch finish. Other than that the plate received a black frame. Furthermore, you can see the 5.25 inch bay, where an optical drives can be installed. Right behind the front-plate, there is the exact same chassis you also get with the Prodigy Mini ITX, which means you could install several fans at this location. In the Prodigy M you're not going to do so. Instead you'll put the power supply right behind this plate.




Next to the usual slot bezels, of which you're going to find five in this case, there is space for an additional 120 millimeter fan, which will be placed right behind the CPU cooler. In general the back of this case looks quite unspectacular. Both side panels are kept in place by the use of four thumbscrews.

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