Radeon R9 270 vs. GTX 750 Ti

Published by Hiwa Pouri on 05.08.14
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Lets take a closer look at the results in the benchmarks we tested. In this case we can see, that the performance difference between the Radeon R9 270 and the GTX750 Ti in 3DMark is about 17 percent and in Unigine heaven it's close to 18 percent. Benchmarking games the difference between the two cards is considerable: in Bioshock Infinite the R9 270 is 3 percent quicker and when running Crysis we see a 20 percent advantage for the AMD card over the GTX 750 Ti. Taking a closer look at DIRT Showdown we see that the R9 270 is 42 percent quicker, in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim difference is close to 40 percent and in Sleeping Dogs the Radeon R9 270 is 35 percent faster. On average the Radeon R9 270 is a good 18 percent faster than the GTX 750 Ti.

At this point we also want to have a quick look at power consumption. As we've already discussed in our graphics cards reviews the GTX 750 Ti is one of the most energy efficient graphics cards money can buy these days. Equipping our test setup with the GTX 750 Ti made it consume 14 watt less than with the Radeon R9 270 (39 Watts compared to 53 Watts) under idle condition. When there is load on the graphics card we notice, that the test setup equipped with the Radeon R9 270 needed 64 watt more, compared to the same setup being equipped with a GTX 750 Ti. In other words: the R9 270 is 18 percent quicker than the GTX 750 Ti but that comes at the cost of making our test system consume 33 percent more power.

If we start checking prices, we find the cheapest NVIDIA GTX 750 Ti for 110 Euro, whereas the Radeon R9 270 costs 135 Euro and is therefore quite a bit more expensive. Comparing price differences with performance differences we see that with the Radeon R9 270 you pay 23 percent more in order to get 18 percent more performance. Other than that the AMD card supports CrossFire whereas the NVIDIA GTX 750 Ti is not capable of running SLI. Should you be looking for as much performance as possible from a cheap card, then the Radeon R9 270 is definitely a good choice. In the case of the GTX 750 Ti you get the most energy efficient, descrete graphics card available these days, which also offers very good bang for the buck.

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