nVidia ForceWare 310.61 Beta - GeForce GTX 680 Gaming Performance

Published by Christian Ney on 29.11.12
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Usually NVIDIA is known to provide stable drivers right from the beginning, which means with new versions you don't see huge jumps in performance or power consumption go up or down. As we expected their latest beta driver 310.61 wasn't a surprise.

In fact there are only two benchmarks where we've seen noticeable differences. The games we're talking about are StarCraft II and Battlefield III. Concerning StarCraft II the latest NVIDIA drivers is almost 6 percent slower than their 310.33 beta version, whereas those were their best performing drivers under StarCraft II. Compared to the last WHQL certified driver performance is within measurement error. As we mentioned there is also a measurable performance difference between the latest beta driver and the latest WHQL driver. This time the 310.61 beta is almost six percent ahead, when you take a closer look at Battlefiled III.

So basically switching to the latest beta driver from NVIDIA changes almost nothing when it comes to verison 310.61 beta. Performance is almost identical, which is clearly visible when you look at our performance ratings.

Author: Christian Ney c.ney@ocaholic.ch

Page 1 - Introduction Page 8 - Crysis 2 / Dragon Age 2
Page 2 - Test Setup & Specifications Page 9 - S.T.A.L.K.E.R. / The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim / StarCraft 2
Page 3 - Benchmarks and Games Settings Page 10 - Power Consumption
Page 4 - 3D Mark 11 / 3D Mark Vantage Page 11 - Summary Benchmark Results
Page 5 - Unigine Heaven / TessMark Page 12 - Performance Index
Page 6 - Alien vs. Predator / Batman: Arkham City / Dirt 2 Page 13 - Conclusion
Page 7 - Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 / BattleField 3

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