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Published by Marc Büchel on 23.09.11
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Allgemein   + -
The Sabertooth 990FX generally is an interesting board. In combination with a down-draft CPU cooler this motherboard will be cooled very efficiently. This will, as a consequence, extend the components lifespan. With the "Thermal Radar" the Sabertooth 990FX offers good possibilities to control the temperatures and airflow in your case. Using the corresponding software one can control the fans connected to the board and therefore realize highly efficient cooling.   - Design
- Cooling concept
Layout   + -

Generally the ASUS Sabertooth 990FX layout is well thought. Once more very practical are the angled SATA connectors. Unfortunately there are no practical power/reset buttons onboard and also for a debug LED you'd be looking in vain. Unfortunately the last expansion slots is a PCI-Express x16 slot, which means that if you choose to install a dual slots graphics card at this place you're going to cover the connectors at the bottom edge of the board.

  - Angled SATA connectors - No Power/Reset-Button onboard
- NoDebug display
Performance   + -
Only in SiSoft Sandra and there only in the multimedia floating point test this board was able to deliver good performance. In ever other benchmarks the Sabertooth 990FX lacks behind and really hasn't been able to convince. This thing really is one of the few board we've tested so far which simply doesn't offer the level of performance you would expect.     - Futuremark
- Sandra
- SuperPi
- wPrime
- Games
BIOS / Overclocking   + -
Also in the overclocking part the Sabertooth 990FX wasn't a convincing product. We were only able to reach 4'090 MHz with this board whereas other products have been easily capable of running our test CPU with way more than 4'300 MHz. Although it is childrens play to set the different parameters used in the BIOS or comfortably via the delivered software this didn't help to improve the overall result either.   - Well structured BIOS - UEFI-BIOS - Not even 4'100 MHz CPU clock
Recommendation   + -
If you want to buy a board with a camouflage look and you are not demanding when it comes to overall performance then the Sabertooth 990FX could be worth a thought for a gaming PC. Regarding every other possible scenario wouldn't recommend this board.     - Enthusiast-PC
- Desktop-PC
We give the Sabertooth 990FX deficient two out of five stars.

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